Marcus and Marcassin

Made an awesome dish from Marcus Wareing’s “Nutmeg and Custard“–Scallops with Pistachios, Parsnip Crème, and Crispy Prosciutto.  This was one of those “big name chef” recipes that turned out better than expected–which rarely happens for us.  Honey and curry in the parsnip crème were a great combination of sweet and savory, and the scallops themselves were dusted with curry and salt before cooking.  The wine we cracked was the 2004 Marcassin Zio Tony Chardonnay.  The wine was initially a bit disjointed, showing good acidity, some nice tropical and citrus fruits, and a strong backbone, but those things all kind of hit the palate by themselves, leaving me wanting more.  Well, enter the food, and the wine was suddenly knit together, with the fruit and the acid and the oak and butterscotch all blending together in a seamless, delicious nectar.  It was seriously transformational.  Tried a glass after the meal and it was back to the same thing as before–somewhat disjointed, needing some time to hopefully come together.  Interesting experience, and so glad that we had plenty of scallops!

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