Welcome, 2011!

Time flies when you’re living in two countries and raising three kids under the age of 6, not to mention working at a small company and trying to fit in things like wine, cooking, and motorcycles into any spare cycles.  That said, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 11 months since I last posted something on this site.  I wouldn’t be doing one now except that I got an email from WordPress showing me the statistics from the site in 2010.

I hope to post a bit more regularly–I certainly attend enough dinners or drink enough good wine to warrant a little more introspective pen-to-paper activity.

I saw a post on another site that suggested sharing wine-related resolutions.  While I chose not to participate (or even think about it at the time), now that I’m sitting down with a few moments I have some thoughts.

  1. Continue my trend of not posting as many notes–they tend to get in the way of enjoying the wine.  I like to talk about wine, but breaking away from a conversation to jot down descriptors isn’t as easy or fun as it seemed to be in the past.
  2. Continue to purchase less wine.  I have plenty, and buying 450-500 bottles/year when I only drink about half of that (in a “good” year!) creates storage problems which I’d rather not address.
  3. When posting/writing, try to post more regularly, and more thoughtfully (I confess to being in the camp who tends to post things like “yeah, I liked that wine, too!”).

All the best in 2011!

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