Joel Robuchon

We ate dinner at Joel Robuchon last night with our good friends Jon and Annett Trail.  We were celebrating Jon’s 40th birthday, and this was a good place to do so.  We ate on the first floor at La Cuisine (vs. the ground floor’s Atelier) and had a very enjoyable meal.  We did the tasting … [Read more…]

Le Petit Zinc

This isn’t much of a wine post, but I was struck by something as we ate dinner last night at Le Petit Zinc in Paris. For dessert we had a soufflé, and it was served with Grand Marnier. A whole bottle. Don’t misunderstand me–the whole bottle was not placed at our table with the thought … [Read more…]

Italian wines at The Don’s

Pizza (from Pizza Port, courtesy of Charlie Fu), was the best part of the evening for me.  I confess to not enjoying Italian wines in general (although I do enjoy an Amarone, even if it’s not served with liver).  The bummer tonight was that the ’96 Allegrini Amarone was horribly corked.  Even so, the palate … [Read more…]

Chili dogs and…

Zinfandel!  Had an ’06 Turley Juvenile.  A very tasty Juvenile, and totally worth the price of admission ($20 IIRC).  And, surprisingly, went well with the food!  I’m always concerned having red wine with chili, since there’s usually a bad reaction between the spiciness of the chili and the wine, but tonight they meshed well.

Three Wine Wednesday…

Our friends Todd and Corrine came over last night and we grilled some steaks and opened some wine.  Had a ’05 Groth Reserve, which was surprisingly good given the most recent notes I could find online.  The ’99 Spottswoode, however, was substantially better, especially given the context of the vintage.  I will say that I’ve … [Read more…]

Wacky wines

I wasn’t a participant in the normal sense, although I did swing by for 10 minutes after a business dinner to see what was up.  Arkansas Asti?  Cabernet with (intentional) residual sugar?  Lenoir?  These were some wacky wines to be sure, and most probably aren’t worth drinking, but it was certainly interesting to have my … [Read more…]

Labor Day wines

I was expecting to drink red wine tonight, but instead opened two whites. The ’07 Araujo Sauvignon Blanc was the standout. Along with Spottswoode, these have to be the two best California SBs out there. The other wine was the ’06 Columbia Creat Chardonnay Grand Estates. $10 at Costco, picked up by Carolynn, it wasn’t … [Read more…]

Motley Cru update

I switched to WordPress instead of hosting and building the site myself.  So far, WordPress seems pretty cool.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back to updating this once in a while!