Welcome, 2011!

Time flies when you’re living in two countries and raising three kids under the age of 6, not to mention working at a small company and trying to fit in things like wine, cooking, and motorcycles into any spare cycles.  That said, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 11 months since I last posted something … [Read more…]

Where does time go?

Since my last post, I’ve had approximately 107 bottles of wine from my own cellar (not to mention wine from other people), and approximately 500 meals.  Surprising that I haven’t been able to find anything to write about any of that.  Actually, that isn’t true, but life always seems to get in the way of … [Read more…]

1999 Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon

This should probably be titled “Joel Robuchon mashed potatoes and kick-ass sirloin steak” but the wine was a revelation for me.  At nearly 10 years of age, this is absolutely fantastic and, I should add, is probably 3-5 years away from its peak.  Loads of fruit with touches of secondary flavors, this is quite complex … [Read more…]

Found Wine

Peter Andrade sent the following email this morning and I enjoyed reading it.  I try to be very disciplined with my inventory, between CellarTracker and barcodes, but still occasionally forget that the process requires my continued intervention or else it falls apart.  I can’t remember the specific wines I last lost or found, but I … [Read more…]

Happy New Year

2008 ended in a flurry of activity, as work was incredibly busy the last quarter.  On top of that, I had an appendectomy a few days before Christmas.  Thankfully I was able to celebrate a bit on New Year’s Eve with a fantastic 2005 Araujo which is one of the best Cabernets I’ve ever had. … [Read more…]


I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd of October.  I know, I know, the 3rd always comes after the 2nd, and October always follows September, so how can I be surprised?  Well, each year just seems to go by faster than the year before.  I think it’s because our perspective (we’re always in the “now”) … [Read more…]

Joel Robuchon

We ate dinner at Joel Robuchon last night with our good friends Jon and Annett Trail.  We were celebrating Jon’s 40th birthday, and this was a good place to do so.  We ate on the first floor at La Cuisine (vs. the ground floor’s Atelier) and had a very enjoyable meal.  We did the tasting … [Read more…]

Le Petit Zinc

This isn’t much of a wine post, but I was struck by something as we ate dinner last night at Le Petit Zinc in Paris. For dessert we had a soufflé, and it was served with Grand Marnier. A whole bottle. Don’t misunderstand me–the whole bottle was not placed at our table with the thought … [Read more…]

Wacky wines

I wasn’t a participant in the normal sense, although I did swing by for 10 minutes after a business dinner to see what was up.  Arkansas Asti?  Cabernet with (intentional) residual sugar?  Lenoir?  These were some wacky wines to be sure, and most probably aren’t worth drinking, but it was certainly interesting to have my … [Read more…]